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TweetLater~New Keyword Following With Automated Profile... I have been a TweetLater user for some time now, although it hasn't been my primary Twitter management tool for some time.  Instead I have been using HootSuite as TweetLater had some significant performance...

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Twitter: Cool New Interface & Functions for Twitter Twitter is currently testing an update to their user interface and an improved search capability ~ Go here to read their blog ~ take a look see below to actually see what the new look, looks like :) [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhnvc8XPni4[/youtube]

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TweetAdder~The Current Automated Follow/Unfollow Winner Please ~ if you like this post ~ Comment & ReTweet ~ Thx... The video goes through the bulk of the functional capabilities of TweetAdder.  Given I already own Hummingbird and soon Hummingbird 2,...

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Twitter Traffic Machine - Quick Review... I have tendency to check out everything twitter... especially anything that is designed to automate what can be an otherwise pretty manual process. And as some of my other posts indicate, I am definitely...

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TweetLater~New Integrated DM Manager With Automated... TweetLater has just added a super new function, read below: Nobody needs to tell you that direct message SPAM is ever increasing on Twitter. Just try and wade through your DM inbox on some days. And...

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Twitter FriendAdder Training Videos Twitter FriendAdder is a powerful Follow / UnFollow software solution that enables you build your Twitter following explosively and efficiently. I have provided these training videos to assist new Twitter...

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Got Tons of DMs & Hate the Thought of Deleting them... Do you, like me, get a ton of DM's saying "thanks for the follow" that build up and build up and finally you can't find any real DM's in all that mess? DM Whacker to the rescue! Here is a free, simple...

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Using Hoot Suite to Post Tweets to Multiple Twitter... This is a really quick, down and dirty little video that shows how you can leverage HootSuite.com to post tweets to multiple twitter accounts without the hassle of having to logging in and logging out...

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Twitter & Clickbank~Affiliate Mrktg Commissions & Free Traffic~Simple & Riskfree

Posted by TweetTex | Posted in Twitter Tools | Posted on 04-03-2010

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Imagine finding a breakthrough method which creates $233 or $384 or even $855 a day…

Picture producing these kind of sums on autopilot.

As well, picture doing that and never having to invest a dime.

These guys have never been the main attraction in the IM world

Yet lately they made as much as $400,000 in just a couple of days.

They’re most surely “Inner Circle” marketers, but a few years ago one of them did not even know what a internet browser was…

Who the actual heck are they?

And how did they turn out to be so successful?

When you go here, you’ll discover they are two regular guys.

Like tons of others out there, they have experienced some difficult times attempting to make earnings online.

Just like we all have…

These two guys aren’t techies.

These two guys did not possess a web site.

These two guys weren’t messing around with Seo.

They certainly didn’t play around with Pay per click (you can lose your shirt there!)

Actually their technique tapped into a never-ending source of free traffic.

Instead the tapped into a staggering  pool of free traffic that has increased 1,300% this past year alone.

What these two guys did was dirt simple.

These two guys combined 2 of the most thrilling developments on the market to produce an easy yet powerful technique.

The two trends I’m referring to are  Twitter and Clickbank.

Twitter oozes along with free as well as high quality traffic. It offers an amazing platform to fire out real-time messages to a lot targeted people.

Instant conversation = immediate income

Clickbank is a pure gold-mine with a spectacular average of 26,000 digital transactions – 1 sale every 3 seconds!

Put the two together in the *right way* and you’ve got a deadly profit-churning machine.

Here’s the best part.

The *right way* for anything in life generally requires never ending hours of perspiration and toil.

Unless of course you discover a means of automating it…

These two ordinary guys have invested months developing their methods into an amazingly simple, effective software system.

This Pushbutton software program makes Twitter easy, almost effortless and then combines it with the goldmine of the Clickbank marketplace, a financial institution waiting around to be highly leveraged.

Tweetomatic Profiteer was formally unveiled just minutes ago. Find out who these two guys are and more importantly what this software & system can do can do for you Today!

Click here right now…


“The Best Spinner” is an great article spinner & its free of charge thru 1/31

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“The Best Spinner” is an great article spinner & its free of charge thru 1/31

I always keep Jonathon Leger’s advice and products front and center.  He has excellent software tools in particular.

And I have tried a half dozen different article spin software solutions.  My problem has always been that it was a lot of work to get average or less quality spun articles.

And the main reason was the thesaurus for these article spinners were just too limited or didn’t fit the types of article content I was re-writing..

And that is the real power of “The Best Spinner”.  Its thesaurus is stored online even though the actual software is a Windows desktop solution…

More importantly, all users of the software are automatically adding to the thesaurus as they work with the software.  Now you have a massive thesaurus that is being updated continuously with all the latest buzz words.

Finally, you can get this software for free through January 31st, while it is still in beta.

Watch the video as I show you a little about this cool software works ~ then go here to get your free copy of the beta

The Best Spinner” is an great article spinner & its free of charge thru 1/31

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Fete Event ~ Best Darn Wedding Planner in Florida!

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Fete Events ~ The Best Darn Wedding Planner in Florida!

Jason & Christina's Wedding

Ok, I am way biased as she is my beautiful and talented Daughter-in-Law.

But she really is an amazing Wedding Planner. And She is based in Destin, Florida.

And she did plan my Son’s and her wedding and I have got to tell you, that was by far the most amazing and FUN wedding I have ever experienced.

Yeah, yeah… I know I am biased.

But what Dad (or any Man for that matter) EVER has fun at a Wedding!

That has to count for a tremendous amount!

Discover how You can experience a personalized, gorgeous, creative and chic Wedding – all while ensuring a stress free and enjoyable experience for both the bride and groom.

See for yourself…

Don’t believe the Father-in-Law – Fair enough ~ then check out these testimonials

Go here to see a “picture slideshow” sampling of Christina’s weddings

Act now ~ get more information about how you can have the Wedding of your Dreams!